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If you are reading this article then you must be on any web browser. But did you know your web browser well? May be your answer is YES or maybe you already know all shortcut keys of your web browser, but we think that not everyone knows these shortcut keys that can redirect them directly where they want to go.

However mouse is considered one of the greatest and most useful computing technologies ever made, sometimes the redundant point-and-click actions can slow you down.

Keyboard shortcuts save time and help you get exactly where you want to be in seconds. Here are some useful keyboard shortcuts you can use while surfing the Web with any web browser.


Address Bar Shortcut:

+ ||  + ||  – Focus the address bar. It doesn’t matter where are you in web browser these key will directly redirect you to address bar.

            Note: In opera browser is not working, Use

+  – Click on address bar and press Alt + Enter it opens the same path in new tab.

+  – This is most common key combination used by users. This shortcut key will add prefix (www.) & suffix (.com) automatically

            Ex – Type gupshupstudy in address bat then press Ctrl + Enter you will redirect automatically to


Tabs Shortcut:

+ ||  – Switch to next tab.

+ + || + – Switch to previous tab.

            Note: Page up & Page down Key not working in Internet Explorer.

+ ||  +  – Close the current tab.

+ +  – Reopen the last closed tab.

+  – Open a new tab.

+  – Open a new browser window.

+ to  – Switch to the specified tab according to serial, starting from the left.

+  – Switch to the last tab.

 – Reload.

+ || + – Reload and skip the cache, re-downloading the entire website.

 – Stop loading.


Navigation Shortcut:

+ ||  – Move to previous link. (Back).

+ || +  – Move to next link if you previously back one link. (Forward)

+  – Open homepage.

– Move pointer to option menu.

+  – Open the browsing history.

+  – Open the download history.

+  – Bookmark the current website.

+ +  – Open History and clear browsing data tab.


Page Size & Zoom:

 +   – Zoom in.

 +  – Zoom out.

+  – Zoom level 100% (normal).

 – Enable or Disable full screen..



Find & Search:

+ ||  – Open search box to search on the current page text.

+ ||  – Find the next matching text of the searched text on the page.

+ + ||  +  – Find the previous matching text of the searched text on the page.


Scroll & Move:

||  – Scroll down a frame.

+ ||  – Scroll up a frame.

 – Move top of the page.

 – Move bottom of the page.


Open, Print & Save:

+  – Print the current page.

+  – Save the current page to your computer.

+  – Open a file from your computer.


Other Function:

+  – Open source code of the web page.

 – Open Developer Tools. (inspect elements).

+ +  – Open private tab in Chrome.

+ +  – Open private tab in Firefox and IE.


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