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How to Track Location of Your Friend, Partner or Family Member Using Android Phone.
Neeraj Yadav

How to Track Location of Your Friend, Partner or Family Member Using Android Phone.

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It is very irritating when you wait for someone who is so late from time and you still don’t know where is he/she. You call them and they said that they are just reached in 2 minutes and but you have to wait a long then usual 2 minutes.

What if I say that you can track your Friend location and save your time, which is you wasting on waiting for them.

Yes! This is possible and very simple also, You just need a third party application and active internet connectivity. There are lots of GPS tracking application available on play store, but some of best application are-

  1. Life360(Family Locator)
  2. GPS Phone Tracker Pro
  3. Find My Friends!


Personally I am using “Family Locator” app and this is working very accurately. But remember this application needs to install in both phone.

You can add more than 1 member and create group to locate the locations.

Follow these steps to Locate your friends or family.

  1. Install the application via this Link.

  1. You can sign up either by Email address or phone number.
  2. After Sign up you need to add or invite members. Invite them via email or phone number.

  3. If your friend also installed this application in his phone then both of you can track each other locations.



Note: This application needs active internet connection for working.

           You can set location to get arrived or leave notifications.


There are some more usefull apps in android play store that can help you in find your phone, But i will tell you about them later. Stay connected for more and usefull information.

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