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Some Hidden or Unknown Tips and tricks to get more from Android Lollipop
Neeraj Yadav

Some Hidden or Unknown Tips and tricks to get more from Android Lollipop

09-Dec-2015 | | Total View : 1121 |

About 80% mobile phone user in the world use Android operating system, and most of them didn't know all of its features. here i am going to tell some interesting and hidden features of Android Lillipop.

10 Android Lollipop hidden features are :-


1 - Enable  developer option :

Developer Option is one of the most common and hidden android feature that available in all version of android. You can enable the Developer option in Setting> About Phone> Build Number.

Just tap continuously on build number and it says You are now a developer.

Basically Developer option is used by android developers but you can also use this function for some common setting like changing screen animation, Stay Awake, and Backgroun Process limit.

NOTE : If you are not friendly with android development then please don’t enable this feature, it may cause some serious problems to your device.


2 - Play Default Lollipop Game :

May be most of you know about this game, but if you don’t know about this game then you must try is at once.

Did you ever play the most popular FLAPPY BIRD game ? if your answer is yes then you should definitely try this Lollipopgame also. This is a bit more tough then the Flappy Bird.

To play this game just navigate to Settings> About Phone> Android Version then click rapidly onto it and you will get a Lollipop Screen, then long press on lollipop to start the game.


3 - Guest Account (LogIn) :

In android Lollipop (v- 5.0 and up) there is a new setting available that is Guest Account. You can activate this Guest login directly by sliding down the top navigation bar and select user image on top right corner and then select Guest or you can add new User according to your preference.

>> The same setting can also access from Setting> Users.


4 - Access Quick Settings From Lock Screen :

In android Lollipop you don’t have to unlock your device all the time for access Quick Settings. Lollipop solves this irritating problem by providing the Quick Setting access directly from lock screen. even if your phone is locked and protected with a PIN. That means you can quickly turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or launch the flashlight, without unlocking your phone. But it also mean that anyone (Friends) can play with your phone even when its locked Watch Out!


5 - Priority Mode for Notification :

Getting into Priority Mode is easy enough: tap a volume button on your Android device then choosePriorityfrom the pop-up dialog that appears. The options shown underneath let you activate Priority Mode for an indefinite period of time or for a set duration: use the plus and minus buttons to change how long this lasts for.

A star icon appears in the notification bar to indicate your phone or tablet is now in Priority Mode, and only those apps or contacts who have been granted VIP status can make your phone buzz or ring.  It lets you automatically or manually shut off audible notifications for a particular time period.


6 - Connect with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth become more easier :

It so much boring & irritating when you need to connect some device from Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and you always need to go to the Settings menu then select the device and connect with it. PHEW!

But thanks to android v 5.0 that allows us to connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth just by tap onto it in Quick Setting drawer, And in Android v 5.1 users in a much more important capability, which is to scan for nearby networks or devices tap the small downward arrow by each icon to see what's available.


7 - Access Camera from lock screen :

Most of us sometimes needs a camera to capture a moment in very Hurry, but when we pick our device- unlock it- and open camera to capture image, its been too late to capture the perfect shot.

Android Lollipop solves this problem a little bit by providing the camera option on the bottom right corner of lock screen, now you can access you camera more quickly to capture your perfect shot  yes.


 8 - Wi-Fi become smarter :

Devices will now be able to remember Wi-Fi connections that have limited or no Internet access and won't automatically reconnect to them in the future. This will be helpful when using wireless networks at hotels and restaurants which have a poor speeds.


9 - Screen Pinning (Pin Apps) :


Scree pinning is allowing the owner to restrict the unwanted user on any single page or application which is pinned. If you want to pass your phone over to someone else, but want to restrict them to one app or game, use screen pinning. If you once pinned, you can't leave an app without entering your phone's PIN or pattern code.

To allow this setting you must activate screen pinning from Setting> Security> Screen Pinning and turn it on.

After activate the screen pinning you can see it by tapping on square navigation icon.


10 - Hide Sensitive data from lock screen :

Android Lollipop allows the notification on lock screen and make it easier to see what's happening without unlocking your phone, but if you want to hide it or just want to hide sensitive data from lock screen then you can do it easily.

Enable this setting from Setting> Sound and Notification> When device is locked and select hide sensitive notification content.


So these are some hidden features of Android Lollipop, I hope you like this article.

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