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Download Automotive Fuels And Lubricants - Fuels For I.c. Engines class notes/ ebook pdf covered all unites for B.Tech Automobile Engineering

Fuels For I.c. Engines in Automotive Fuels And Lubricants notes coverd all important topic for B.Tech - Automobile Engineering students. Automotive Fuels And Lubricants and lecture notes free download, Automotive Fuels And Lubricants lecture notes for Fuels For I.c. Engines

Shubham Goyal
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AUTOMOTIVE FUELS AND LUBRICANTS pdf Notes and ebook download

OBJECTIVE To understand the source of automotive fuels and lubricants, their basic properties, determination of air requirement for the combustion of fuels and basic theory of lubrication. UNIT I MANUFACTURE OF FUELS AND LUBRICANTS 9 Fuels, Structure of petroleum, refining process, thermal and catalytic cracking,products of refining process, m....