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BASIC TRANSMISSION LINE THEORY full pdf class notes download

We say the line as has a series connection of inductance and resistance of l Henries per meter and r Ohms per meter respectively and a parallel capacitance and conductance of c Farads per meter and g Siemens per meter. Thus taking an infinitesimal segment of line, having length x, we have the model shown below:....................   ....

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THE ELECTRICITY ACT, 2003 pdf notes download

Download free notes of THE ELECTRICITY ACT, 2003 

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Capacitors and First-Order Systems pdf notes free download

Download free lecture notes on Capacitors and First-Order Systems

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Electronics Dictionary pdf Download

Download Electronics Dictionary short pdf ebook

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A TRANSMISSION LINE is a device designed to guide electrical energy from one point to another. It is used, for example, to transfer the output rf energy of a transmitter to an antenna. This energy will not travel through normal electrical wire without great losses. Although the antenna can be connected directly to the transmitter, the antenna ....

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Electrokinetic Energy Conversion pdf notes download

Download Free Electrokinetic Energy Conversion lecture notes and ebook

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Operational Amplifiers lecture notes download

25.1 Operational Amplifier  25.3 Basic Circuit of Differential Amplifier 25.5 Common-mode and Differential- mode signals  25.7 Voltage Gains of DA 25.9 D.C. Analysis of Differential Amplifier (DA) 25.11 Parameters of DA (or Op–amp) due to Mismatch of Transi....

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MATH To review the mathematics related to electrical theory and the application of that theory to electrical equipment. APPLIED ELECTRICAL THEORY To improve the understanding and application of electrical theory related to the principles of operation of manufacturing equipment. 1. Draw and solve for circuit parameters such as resistance, volta....

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Electronics: ACTIVE & PASSIVE ELEMENTS Notes, eBook pdf Download

Download Free ACTIVE & PASSIVE ELEMENTS lecture Notes for Electronics

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Electronics Laboratory Manual Download

1. DC Measurements 1 2. AC Measurements 1.5 3. Diode, Power Supplies, Zener, SCR 1.2 4. Junction Transistor, Part I 1.2 5. Junction Transistor, Part II 0.5 6. Optoelectronics (can be scheduled any time after Lab 4) 0.4 7. Operational Amplifier 1.3 8. Digital Gates 1 9. Flip-Flops, Shift Register, Decade Counter, Decoder, LED Disp....

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Pulse Modulation lecture Notes free Download

Download Free Pulse Modulation lecture Notes and ebook

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BASIC ELECTRONICS full notes pdf for 1st year

UNIT-1 Introduction to Electronics: Signals, frequency Spectrum of Signals, Analog and Digital Signals, Linear Wave Shaping Circuits: RC LPF, Integrator, RC HPF, Differentiator. Properties of Semiconductors: Intrinsic, Extrinsic Semiconductors, Current Flow in Semiconductors, Diodes: p-n junction theory, Current-Voltage characterist....

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BASIC ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS notes pdf common to all engineering branches


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ELECTRONICS AND MICROPROCESSORS Ebook and Lecture notes Pdf download

UNIT I: SEMICONDUCTORS AND RECTIFIERS 9 Classification of solids based on energy band theory – Intrinsic semiconductors – Extrinsic semiconductors – P-type and N-type – PN junction – Zener effect –Zener diode characteristics – Half wave and full wave rectifiers – Voltage regulation ....

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electric machine

electric machine notes.

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