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DCN-II Notes free full pdf and ebook download
Ravi Chopra

DCN-II Notes free full pdf and ebook download

Ravi Chopra | 24-Feb-2016 |
DCN , DCN-2 , Network Layer , Network layer protocol , Routing Protocols , Transport layer , Congestion Control & Quality of Service , Application Layer , Introduction , Malicious software and Internet Security , Firewall and Intrusion Detection , Cryptography , Network security ,

Hi friends, here Ravi Chopra uploaded notes for DATA COMMUNICATION NETWORKS with title DCN-II Notes free full pdf and ebook download. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

Network Layer –Logical addressing, IPv4 Addresses, Classful & Classless addresses, NAT, IPv6
Network layer protocol – Internetworking, IPv4, IPv4 protocol packet format, IPv6 Protocol & Packet
format, IPv4 VS IPv6, Transition from IPv4 to IPv6, Address Resolution protocols(ARP, RARP),
Routing Protocols - Delivery, forwarding, routing, types of routing, routing tables, Unicast Routing,
Unicast Routing protocols, RIP, Concepts of OSPF, BGP & Multicast Routing
Transport Layer - Process to process delivery, UDP, TCP
Congestion Control & Quality of Service- Data traffic, Congestion, Congestion Control(Open Loop,
Closed Loop & Congestion control in TCP), QoS and Flow Characteristics
Application Layer - DNS, Remote Logging(Telnet), SMTP, FTP, WWW, HTTP
Introduction: Introduction to system and network security, security attacks, security services and
Malicious software and Internet Security: viruses and related threats, virus countermeasures, denial
of service attacks, Hacking, Security policies and plan, Strategies for a secure network.
Firewall and Intrusion Detection: Firewalls and their types, DMZ, Limitations of firewalls, Intruders,
Intrusion detection (Host based, Networked, Distributed), IDS.
Cryptography: Traditional and Modern Symmetric-Key Ciphers, DES and AES, Asymmetric –Key
Cryptography, RSA and ELGAMAL cryptosystems. Message Digest, Digital Signature, Key
Network Security: Security at Application Layer (E-MAIL, PGP and S/MIME), Security at Transport
Layer (SSL and TLS), Security at Network Layer (IPSec).

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