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Getting Started with Android a complete tutorial book
Shubham Goyal

Getting Started with Android a complete tutorial book

Shubham Goyal | 24-Feb-2016 |

Hi friends, here Shubham Goyal uploaded notes for Android with title Getting Started with Android a complete tutorial book. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

To get started with Android, please read the following sections first:
Installing the SDK and Plugin
How to install the Android SDK and Eclipse plugin.
Developing and Debugging
An introduction to developing and debugging Android applications in Eclipse, plus information on using other IDEs.
Hello Android
Writing your first Android Application, the ever popular Hello World, Android style.
Anatomy of an App
A guide to the structure and architecture of an Android Application. This guide will help you understand the pieces that
make up an Android app.
Notepad Tutorial
This tutorial document will lead you through constructing a real Android Application: A notepad which can create, edit and
delete notes, and covers many of the basic concepts with practical examples.
Development Tools
The command line tools included with the SDK, what they do, and how to use them.
Application Model
A guide to Applications, Tasks, Processes, and Threads. These are the elements that define the way your application is
run by the system and presented to the user.
Application Life Cycle
The important life-cycle details for Applications and the Activities running inside of them.

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