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Second-Order Systems lecture notes download
Rajan Sharma

Second-Order Systems lecture notes download

Rajan Sharma | 29-Feb-2016 |
Second-Order Systems ,

Hi friends, here Rajan Sharma uploaded notes for Second Order Systems with title Second-Order Systems lecture notes download. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

Second-Order Systems lecture notes download


In the previous sections, all the systems had only one energy storage element,
and thus could be modeled by a first-order differential equation. In the case
of the mechanical systems, energy was stored in a spring or an inertia. In
the case of electrical systems, energy can be stored either in a capacitance or
an inductance. In the basic linear models considered here, thermal systems
store energy in thermal capacitance, but there is no thermal equivalent of a
second means of storing energy. That is, there is no equivalent of a thermal
inertia. Fluid systems store energy via pressure in fluid capacitances, and
via flow rate in fluid inertia (inductance).

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