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Optimization lecture notes pdf download
Rajan Sharma

Optimization lecture notes pdf download

Rajan Sharma | 10-Mar-2016 |

Hi friends, here Rajan Sharma uploaded notes for Compiler Design with title Optimization lecture notes pdf download. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

Compilers operate at many granularities or scopes
• Local techniques
> Work on a single basic block
> Maximal length sequence of straight-line code
• Regional techniques
> Consider multiple blocks, but less than whole procedure
> Single loop, loop nest, dominator region, …
• Intraprocedural (or global) techniques
> Operate on an entire procedure (but just one)
> Common unit of compilation
• Interprocedural (or whole-program) techniques
> Operate on > 1 procedure, up to whole program
> Logisitical issues related to accessing the code (link time?)

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