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DIGITAL CIRCUITS AND DESIGN lecture notes and ebook pdf download
Neeraj Yadav

DIGITAL CIRCUITS AND DESIGN lecture notes and ebook pdf download

Neeraj Yadav | 22-Apr-2016 |
DIGITAL CIRCUITS , DIGITAL CIRCUITS AND DESIGN , Number system & codes , Gate level Minimization , COMBINATIONAL LOGIC , SYNCHRONOUS SEQUENTIAL LOGIC , Memory & Programmable logic , Register Transfer levels , Digital Integrated logic Circuits , RTL , DTL , TTL , ECL , MOS & C-MOS Logic circuits ,

Hi friends, here Neeraj Yadav uploaded notes for ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND CIRCUITS with title DIGITAL CIRCUITS AND DESIGN lecture notes and ebook pdf download. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.



Number system& codes: Binary Number base conversion, Octal &hexadecimalnumbers,  complements, signed binary numbers, binary codes-BCD codes, gray codes, ASCIICharacter Code, Codes for serial data transmission &storage. 
Boolean Algebra & Logic gates: Axiomatic definition of boolean Algebra .Property of BooleanAlgebra, boolean functions, Canonical & standard form; min terms & max terms, standard forms; Digital Logic Gates, Multiple inputs. 
Gate level Minimization: The Map Method, K Map up to five variables, Product of Sum simplification, Sum of Product simplification, Don't care conditions. NAND and NORImplementation, AND-OR inverter, OR-AND inverter implementation, Ex-OR Function, parity generation& checking, Hardware Description Language (HDL). 
Combinational Logic: Combinational Circuits, Analysis &Design procedure; Binary Adder-subtractor, Decimal Adder, Binary Multiplier, Magnitude comparator, Multiplexers and demultiplexers, Decoders, Encoders, Multipliers, Combinational Circuits design 

Synchronous Sequential logic: Sequential Circuit, latches, Flip-flop, Analysis of Clocked Sequential circuits, HDL for Sequential Circuits, State Reduction &Assignment, Design procedure.Register &Counters: Shift Register, Ripple Counters, Synchronous Counter, Asynchronous Counter,Ring Counters, Module-n Counters, HDL for Register &Counters . 
Memory & Programmable logic: Random Access Memory (RAM), Memory , Decoding, Errordetection & correction, Read only Memory, Programmable logic array,Sequential ProgrammableDevices. 
Register Transfer levels: Register transfer level notion, Register transfer level in HDL, Algorithm,State machine, Design Example,. HDL Description of Design, Examples, Binary Multiplier, HDL Description, 
Digital Integrated logic Circuits: RTL, DTL, TTL, ECL, MOS & C-MOS Logic circuits,. Switchlevelmodeling with HDL 

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