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Arduino Learning - All about Arduino full course pdf download
Shubham Goyal

Arduino Learning - All about Arduino full course pdf download

Shubham Goyal | 20-May-2016 |
Digital Output , Digital Input , Analog input , Complex Sensors , SOUND , Interfacing with Other Software , Tech Notes (from the forums or playground) , Interfacing w/ Hardware ,

Hi friends, here Shubham Goyal uploaded notes for Arduino with title Arduino Learning - All about Arduino full course pdf download. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

Arduino Tutorials
Here you will find a growing number of examples and tutorials for accomplishing specific tasks or interfacing to other hardware and software with Arduino. For instructions on getting the board and environment up and running, see the Arduino guide.

Digital Output:

Blinking LED
Blinking an LED without using the delay() function
Simple Dimming 3 LEDs with Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM)
More complex dimming/color crossfader Knight Rider example
Shooting star
PWM all of the digital pins in a sinewave pattern

Digital Input:

Digital Input and Output (from ITP physcomplabs)
Read a Pushbutton
Using a pushbutton as a switch Read a Tilt Sensor

Analog Input:

Read a Potentiometer
Interfacing a Joystick
Controlling an LED circle with a joystick Read a Piezo Sensor
3 LED cross-fades with a potentiometer 3 LED color mixer with 3 potentiometers

Complex Sensors:

Read an Accelerometer
Read an Ultrasonic Range Finder (ultrasound sensor)
Reading the qprox qt401 linear touch sensor Use two Arduino pins as a capacitive sensor


Play Melodies with a Piezo Speaker
More sound ideas
Play Tones from the Serial Connection MIDI Output (from ITP physcomp labs) and from Spooky Arduino

Interfacing with Other Software:

ITP physcomp labs) Arduino + Flash Arduino + Processing Arduino + PD Arduino + MaxMSP Arduino + VVVV Arduino + Director Arduino + Ruby Arduino + C

Tech Notes (from the forums or playground):

Software serial (serial on pins besides 0 and 1) L297 motor driver
Hex inverter
Analog multiplexer
Power supplies
The components on the Arduino board Arduino build process
AVRISP mkII on the Mac
Non-volatile memory (EEPROM)
LED as light sensor (en Francais)
Arduino and the Asuro robot
Using Arduino from the command line

Interfacing w/ Hardware:

Multiply the Amount of Outputs with an LED Driver
Interfacing an LCD display with 8 bits
LCD interface library
Driving a DC Motor with an L293 (from ITP physcomp labs).
Driving a Unipolar Stepper Motor
Implement a software serial connection
RS-232 computer interface
Interface with a serial EEPROM using SPI Control a digital potentiometer using SPI Multiple digital outs with a 595 Shift Register Multiple digital inputs with a CD4021 Shift Register

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