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Distributed Computing lecture notes pdf and ebook download
Ravi Chopra

Distributed Computing lecture notes pdf and ebook download

Ravi Chopra | 30-May-2016 |
Distributed Computing , DC , FUNDAMENTALS , Message Passing , Remote Procedure Calls , Distributed Shared Memory , Synchronization , Resource and Process Management , Distributed File Systems , Naming , Case Studies ,

Hi friends, here Ravi Chopra uploaded notes for Distributed Computing with title Distributed Computing lecture notes pdf and ebook download. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.


1.    Fundamentals

Evolution of Distributed Computing Systems, System models, issues in design of Distributed Systems, Distributed-computing environment, web based distributed model, computer networks related to distributed systems and web based protocols.

2.    Message Passing

Inter process Communication, Desirable Features of Good Message-Passing Systems, Issues in IPC by Message, Synchronization, Buffering, Multidatagram Messages, Encoding and Decoding of Message Data, Process Addressing, Failure Handling, Group Communication.

3.    Remote Procedure Calls

The RPC Model, Transparency of RPC, Implementing RPC Mechanism, Stub Generation, RPC Messages, Marshaling Arguments and Results, Server Management, Communication Protocols for RPCs, Complicated RPCs, Client-Server Binding, Exception Handling, Security, Some Special Types of RPCs, Lightweight RPC, Optimization for Better Performance.

4.    Distributed Shared Memory

Design and Implementation issues of DSM, Granularity, Structure of Shared memory Space, Consistency Models, replacement Strategy, Thrashing, Other Approaches to DSM, Advantages of DSM.

5.    Synchronization

Clock Synchronization, Event Ordering, Mutual Exclusion, Election Algorithms.

6.    Resource and Process Management

Desirable Features of a good global scheduling algorithm, Task assignment approach, Load Balancing approach, Load Sharing Approach, Process Migration, Threads, Processor allocation, Real time distributed Systems.

7.    Distributed File Systems

Desirable Features of a good Distributed File Systems, File Models, File Accessing Models, File-shearing Semantics, File-caching Schemes, File Replication, Fault Tolerance, Design Principles, Sun’s network file system, Andrews file system, comparison of NFS and AFS.

8.    Naming

Desirable Features of a Good Naming System, Fundamental Terminologies and Concepts, Systems-Oriented Names, Name caches, Naming & security, DCE directory services.

9.    Case Studies

Mach & Chorus (Keep case studies as tutorial)
Term work/ Practical: Each candidate will submit assignments based on the above syllabus along with the flow chart and program listing will be submitted with the internal test paper.


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