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PSOC , Economic Operation of Power System , HYDROTHERMAL SCHEDULING LONG , MODELLING OF TURBINES , GENERATOR AND AUTOMATIC , Two- areas Load Frequency Control , Reactive power compensation ,

Hi friends, here GupShup Study uploaded notes for Power System Operation And Control with title LECTURE NOTES ON POWER SYSTEM OPERATION AND CONTROL (PSOC) pdf download. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

Coordination between LFC and Economic Dispatch 
A good business practice is the one in which the production cost is minimized without sacrificing the quality. This is not any different in the power sector as well. The main aim here is to reduce the production cost while maintaining the voltage magnitudes at each bus. In this chapter we shall discuss the economic operation strategy along with the turbine-governor control that are required to maintain the power dispatch economically. 
A power plant has to cater to load conditions all throughout the day, come summer or winter. It is therefore illogical to assume that the same level of power must be generated at all time. The power generation must vary according to the load pattern, which may in turn vary with season. Therefore the economic operation must take into account the load condition at all times. Moreover once the economic generation condition has been calculated, the turbine-governor must be controlled in such a way that this generation condition is maintained. In this chapter we shall discuss these two aspects. 
Economic operation of power systems 
One of the earliest applications of on-line centralized control was to provide a central facility, to operate economically, several generating plants supplying the loads of the system. Modern integrated systems have different types of generating plants, such as coal fired thermal plants, hydel plants, nuclear plants, oil and natural gas units etc. The capital investment, operation and maintenance costs are different for different types of plants. 
The operation economics can again be subdivided into two parts. 
i) Problem of economic dispatch, which deals with determining the power output of each plant to meet the specified load, such that the overall fuel cost is minimized. 
ii) Problem of optimal power flow, which deals with minimum – loss delivery, where in the power flow, is optimized to minimize losses in the system. 

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