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EMFT (Electromagnetic Field Theory) Best Lecture Notes and Ebook download
Ravi Chopra

EMFT (Electromagnetic Field Theory) Best Lecture Notes and Ebook download

Ravi Chopra | 16-Jan-2016 |
The Co-ordinate Systems , Rectangular , Cylindrical , And Spherical Co-ordinate System , Coordinate transformation , Gradient of a Scalar field , Divergence of a vector field and curl of a vector field , Steady Electric Currents , Faraday‘s law of Induction , Radio Wave Propagation ,

Hi friends, here Ravi Chopra uploaded notes for Electromagnetic Field Theory with title EMFT (Electromagnetic Field Theory) Best Lecture Notes and Ebook download. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

Module-I (12 Hours)
The Co-ordinate Systems, Rectangular, Cylindrical, and Spherical Co-ordinate System. Coordinate
transformation. Gradient of a Scalar field, Divergence of a vector field and curl of a
vector field. Their Physical interpretation. The Laplacian. Divergence Theorem, Stokes
Theorem. Useful vector identifies. Electrostatics: The experimental law of Coulomb, Electric
field intensity. Field due to a line charge, Sheetcharge and continuous volume charge
distribution. Electric Flux and flux density; Gauss‘s law. Application of Gauss‘s law. Energy and
Potential. The Potential Gradient. The Electric dipole. The Equipotential surfaces. Energy stored
in an electrostatic field. Boundary conditions. Capacitors and Capacitances. Poisson‘s and
Laplace‘s equations. Solutions of simple boundary value problems. Method of Images.
Module-II (10 Hours)
Steady Electric Currents: Current densities, Resistances of a Conductor; The equation of
continuity. Joules law. Boundary conditions for Current densities. The EMF. Magnetostatics:
The Biot-Savart law. Amperes Force law. Torque exerted on a current carrying loop by a
magnetic field. Gauss‘s law for magnetic fields. Magnetic vector potential. Magnetic Field
Intensity and Ampere‘s Circuital law. Boundary conditions. Magnetic Materials. Energy in
magnetic field. Magnetic circuits.
Module-III (12 Hours)
Faraday‘s law of Induction; Self and Mutual Induction. Maxwall‘s Equations from Ampere‘s and
Gauss‘s Laws. Maxwall‘s Equations in Differential and Integral forms; Equation of continuity.
Comcept of Displacement Current. Electromagnetic Boundry Conditions, Poynting‘s Theorem,
Time-Harmonic EM Fields. Plane Wave Propagation: Helmholtz wave equation. Plane wavw
solution. Plane Wave Propagation in lossless and lossy dielectric medium and conductiong
medium. Plane wave in good conductor, Surface resistance, depth of penetration. Polarization of
EM wave- Linear, Circular and Elliptical polarization. Normal and Oblique incidence of linearly
polarized wave at the plane boundry of a perfect conductor, Dielectric-Dielectric Interface.
Reflection and Transmission Co-efficient for parallel and perpendicular polarizrtion, Brewstr
Module-IV (8 Hours)
Radio Wave Propagation: Modes of propagation, Structure of Troposphere, Tropospheric
Scattering, Ionosphere, Ionospheric Layers - D, E, F1, F2, regions. Sky wave propagation -
propagation of radio waves through Ionosphere, Effect of earth‗s magnetic field, Virtual height,
Skip Distance, MUF, Critical frequency, Space wave propagation.


EMFT (Electromagnetic Field Theory) Best Lecture Notes and Ebook download free

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