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Compiler Design pdf Ebook and Lecture Notes for download
Neeraj Yadav

Compiler Design pdf Ebook and Lecture Notes for download

Neeraj Yadav | 18-Jan-2016 |
Introduction to Compiling , A Simple One-Pass Compiler , Lexical Analysis , Syntax Analysis , Syntax-Directed Translation , Type Checking , Run-Time Environments , Intermediate Code Generation , Code generation , Code Optimization ,

Hi friends, here Neeraj Yadav uploaded notes for Compiler Design with title Compiler Design pdf Ebook and Lecture Notes for download. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

Module-I (10 Lectures)
Introduction to Compiling:
Compilers, Analysis of the source programe, The phases of a compiler, Cousins of the compiler,
The grouping of phases, Compiler-construction tools
A Simple One-Pass Compiler:
Overview, Syntax definition, Syntax-directed translation, Parsing, A translator for simple
expressions, Lexical analysis, Incorporating a symbol table, Abstract stack machines, Putting the
techniques together
Lexical Analysis:
The role of the lexical analyzer, Input buffering, Specification of tokens, Recognition of tokens,
A language for specifying lexical analyzers, Finite automata, From a regular expression to an
NFA, Design of a lexical analyzer generator, Optimization of DFA-based pattern matchers
Module-II (15 Lectures)
Syntax Analysis:
The role of the parser, Context-free grammars, Writing a grammar, Top-down parsing, Bottomup
parsing, Operator-precedence parsing, LR parsers, Using ambiguous grammars, Parser
Syntax-Directed Translation:
Syntax-directed definitions, Construction of syntax trees, Bottom-up evaluation of S-attributed
definitions, L-attributed definitions, Top-down translation, Bottom-up evaluation of inherited
attributes, Recursive evaluators, Space for attribute values at compile time, Assigning space at
compile time, Analysis of syntax-directed definitions
Module-III (6 Lectures)
Type Checking:
Type systems, Specification of a simple type checker, Equivalence of type expressions, Type
conversions, Overloading of functions and operators, Polymorphic functions, An algorithm for
Run-Time Environments:
Source language issues, Storage organization, Storage-allocation strategies, Access to nonlocal
names, parameter passing, Symbol tables, Language facilities for dynamic storage allocation,
Dynamic storage allocation techniques, Storage allocation in Fortran
Module-IV (9 Lectures)
Intermediate Code Generation:
Intermediate languages, Declarations, Assignment statements, Boolean expressions, Case
statements, Back Patching, Procedure calls
Code generation:
Issues in the design of a code generator, The target machine, Run-time storage management,
Basic blocks and flow graphs, Next-use information, A Simple code generator, Register
allocation and assignment, The dag representation of basic blocks, Peephole optimization,
Generating code from dags, Dynamic programming code-generation algorithm, Code-generator
Code Optimization:
Introduction, The Principal sources of optimization, Optimization of basic blocks, Loops in flow
graphs, Introduction to global data-flow analysis, Iterative solution of data-flow equations, Codeimproving
transformations, Dealing with aliases, Data-flow analysis of structured flow graphs,
Efficient data-flow algorithms, A tool for data-flow analysis, Estimation of types, Symbolic
debugging of optimized code.


Compiler Design pdf Ebook and Lecture Notes for download for CS, IT and MCA students

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