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INTERNET & WEB TECHNOLOGY pdf lecture notes and ebook
Ravi Chopra

INTERNET & WEB TECHNOLOGY pdf lecture notes and ebook

Ravi Chopra | 18-Jan-2016 |
TCP/ IP , Core java , Advanced JAVA , Applets , JDBC , CGI Programming , Network security ,

Hi friends, here Ravi Chopra uploaded notes for INTERNET & WEB TECHNOLOGY with title INTERNET & WEB TECHNOLOGY pdf lecture notes and ebook. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

TCP/IP Overview, TCP/IP and Internet, Layers of TCP/IP, Network Layer: Addressing,
Sub netting, concepts of ARP, RARP, ICMP, IGMP. Transport Layer: UDP & TCP,
Appl ication Layer: Cl ient server model , BOOTP, DHCP, DNS, TELNET, FTP, SMTP model ,
HTTP, idea of WWW and CGI.
Core JAVA:
JAVA fundamentals, overview of JAVA operators, control statements, introducing
classes, inheritance, exception handl ing, AWT, working with window graphics and text,
AWT controls, Layout manager.
Advanced JAVA:
Introducing threading, advantages, Multi-threading, JAVA and networking, TCP/IP
cl ient sockets, Whois, URL, Server sockets, Overview of a caching Proxy HTTP server.
Applets and JDBC:
Introducing Applets, Architecture of an applet, skeleton, HTML APPLET tag, Event
Handl ing, JDBC, Connecting to a database, transactions and executing SQL query, JDBC
interface, Cal lable and prepared statements, Introduction to swing.
CGI Programming
Introduction to Web Architecture, Apache Web Server, Perl programming, CGI
programming with Perl.
Network Security:
Network security basics and needs, cryptography, encryption and decryption,
Ciphertext, types of cryptography: symmetric and asymmetric, RSA algorithm, Digital
Signature, Organizational security issues and firewal l architecture.


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