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PROGRAMMING FUNDAMENTALS USING “C” must read ebook for CS students
Ashish talpade

PROGRAMMING FUNDAMENTALS USING “C” must read ebook for CS students

Ashish talpade | 19-Jan-2016 |
Introduction to „C‟ Language , Built-in Operators and function , Loop Control structures , Storage class , Simple Arithmetic Problems ,

Hi friends, here Ashish talpade uploaded notes for C Language with title PROGRAMMING FUNDAMENTALS USING “C” must read ebook for CS students. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

Introduction to „C‟ Language
Structures of ‘C’ Programming. Constants and Variables, C Tokens, Operators, Types of operators, Precedence
and Associativity, Expression , Statement and types of statements
Built-in Operators and function
Console based I/O and related built-in I/O function, Concept of header files, Preprocessor directives, Decision
Control structures, The if Statement, Use of Logical Operators, The else if Clause.
Loop Control structures
Nesting of loops , Case Control Structure, using Switch Introduction to problem solving, Problem solving
techniques (Trial & Error, Brain storming, Divide & Conquer), Steps in problem solving (Define Problem,
Analyze Problem, Explore Solution), Algorithms and Flowcharts (Definitions, Symbols), Characteristics of an
Simple Arithmetic Problems
Addition / Multiplication of integers, Functions, Basic types of function, Declaration and definition, Function
call, Types of function, Introduction to Pointers, Pointer Notation, Recursion.
Storage Class
Automatic Storage Class , Register Storage Class, Static Storage Class, External Storage Class


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