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OPERATING SYSTEM class notes pdf
Ashish talpade

OPERATING SYSTEM class notes pdf

Ashish talpade | 19-Jan-2016 |
Importance , Manager , Management Processes , CPU Scheduling , Process Synchronization , Deadlock Detection & Recovery , Deadlocks Prevention , Virtual Memory ,

Hi friends, here Ashish talpade uploaded notes for Operating Systems with title OPERATING SYSTEM class notes pdf. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

Importance Importance of Operating Systems, Basic Concepts and Terminology, An Operating System Resource Manager

Memory Management Functions, Processor Management Functions, Device Management Functions, Information Management Functions., Operating system concepts, Files and Security, System calls for Process Management, for File Management and for Directory Management.

Management Processes Concept, Processes and Threads. Process Model and Thread Model. Job Scheduler, Process Scheduling,

operation on process,. Overview of Inter-process communication: Race Conditions, Critical Regions, Mutual Exclusion with busy waiting etc.

CPU Scheduling Introduction to Scheduling, Scheduling criteria, Scheduling Algorithms, Algorithm Evaluation and Scheduling in different Systems.

Process Synchronization Synchronization Hardware, Semaphores, and Classical Problem of Synchronization, Monitors and Atomic Transaction DEADLOCKS Introduction to Deadlocks: Resources, conditions for Deadlocks and Deadlock modeling, Deadlock Characterization. Deadlock Detection & Recovery With one Resource of each type and With Multiple Resource of each type.

Deadlocks Prevention Attacking the Mutual Exclusion, Hold and Wait, No Preemption and Circular conditions. STORAGE MANAGEMENT Basic Memory Management Partition of Memory. Multiprogramming with fixed partitions. Logical versus Physical Address Space, Swapping, Contiguous Allocation

Virtual Memory: Demand Paging, Page Replacement, Page Replacement Algorithms, and Allocation of Frames, Thrashing, and Demand Segmentation INFORMATION MANAGEMENT Introduction; File Concept, Directory Structures, Protection, Overview of File-System Structure, Allocation Method, Free-Space Management, Directory Implementation


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