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Soft Computing class notes pdf
Neeraj Yadav

Soft Computing class notes pdf

Neeraj Yadav | 19-Jan-2016 |

Hi friends, here Neeraj Yadav uploaded notes for SOFT COMPUTING with title Soft Computing class notes pdf. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

 Basic tools of soft Computing –
Fuzzy logic, Neural Networks and
Evolutionary Computing ,
Activation functions. Adaline: its
training and capabilities, weights learning,
 Approximations of Multivariate
 error back propagation,
generalized delta rule.
 Non – linear Error surface and
 Radial basis function networks and least
square training algorithm,
Fuzzy Logic Systems : Basics of
fuzzy logic theory,
 Kohenen self – organizing map and
learning vector quantization networks.
Crisp and fuzzy sets.

Recurrent neural networks,
 Basic set operations.

Simulated annealing neural networks.
 Fuzzy relations and their
Composition rules

 Adaptive neuro-fuzzy information
systems ( ANFIS),
Fuzzy inference, -31 & 32: Applications to control and pattern
 Zadeh’s compositional rule of
 Genetic algorithms : Basic concepts,
fitness function
 Defuzzificaiton. -34-36: encoding ,
 Fuzzy logic control: Mamdani
and Takagi and Sugeno architectures.
 Applications to pattern
:Differences of GA and traditional
optimization methods.
 Neural networks : Single layer
networks, Perceptron.
:Basic genetic programming
concepts Applications

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sangeetha sennagopal

sangeetha sennagopal

hi,how can i download this soft computing notes without facebook log in?? bcoz i havnt facebook account.pls help me.

Jitendra Singh

Jitendra Singh

Waste of time....We cannot download file even after sharing it on facebook....Dislike....