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Pankaj Yadav | 19-Jan-2016 |
Cluster Computing , Load Sharing and Balancing , Grid Computing , Cloud Computing ,

Hi friends, here Pankaj Yadav uploaded notes for HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING with title LECTURE NOTES on HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING pdf lecture notes. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

Module – I
Cluster Computing: Introduction to Cluster Computing, Scalable Parallel Computer
Architectures, Cluster Computer and its Architecture, Classifications, Components for Clusters,
Cluster Middleware and Single System Image, Resource Management and Scheduling,
Programming Environments and Tools, Applications, Representative Cluster Systems,
Heterogeneous Clusters, Security, Resource Sharing, Locality, Dependability, Cluster
Architectures, Detecting and Masking Faults, Recovering from Faults, Condor, Evolution of
Module – II
Load Sharing and Balancing: Evolution, Job and Resource Management Systems, State-of-the-
Art in RMS and Job, Rigid Jobs with Process Migration, Communication-Based Scheduling,
Batch Scheduling, Fault Tolerance, Scheduling Problem for Network Computing, Algorithm -
ISH, MCP and ETF, Dynamic Load Balancing, Mapping and Scheduling, Task Granularity and
Partitioning, Static and Dynamic Scheduling.
Module - III
Grid Computing: Introduction to Grid Computing, Virtual Organizations, Architecture,
Applications, Computational, Data, Desktop and Enterprise Grids, Data-intensive Applications,
High-Performance Commodity Computing, High-Performance Schedulers, Grid Middleware:
Connectivity, Resource and Collective Layer, Globus Toolkit, GSI, GRAM, LDAP, GridFTP,
GIIS, Heterogeneous Computing Systems, Mapping Heuristics: Immediate and Batch Mode,
Immediate: MCT, MET, Switching Algorithm, KPB and OLB, Batch: Min-Min, Max-Min,
Sufferage, Duplex, GA, SA, GSA, Tabu and A*, Expected Time to Compute Matrix, Makespan,
Heterogeneity: Consistent, Inconsistent and Partially-Consistent, QoS Guided Min-Min,
Selective Algorithm, Grid Computing Security, Introduction to GridSim, Architecture, Grid
Resource Broker, Grid Referral Service.
Module - IV
Cloud Computing: Introduction to Cloud Computing, Types: Deployment and Service Models,
Characteristics, Applications, Service-Level Agreement, Virtualization, High-Throughput
Computing: Task Computing and Task-based Application Models, Market-Based Management
of Clouds, Energy-Efficient and Green Cloud Computing Architecture, Resource Allocation,
Leases, Task Scheduling: RR, CLS and CMMS, Workflow Scheduling, Montage, Epigenomics,
SIPHT, LIGO, CyberShake, Task Consolidation, Introduction to CloudSim, Cloudlet, Virtual
Machine and its Provisioning, Time and Space-shared Provisioning.


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