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ELECTRICAL MACHINES-I module 1 and 2 lecture notes pdf
Shubham Goyal

ELECTRICAL MACHINES-I module 1 and 2 lecture notes pdf

Shubham Goyal | 20-Jan-2016 |
ELECTROMECHANICAL ENERGY CONVERSION , Forces and torque in magnetic field systems , TRANSFORMERS ,

Hi friends, here Shubham Goyal uploaded notes for ELECTRICAL MACHINE with title ELECTRICAL MACHINES-I module 1 and 2 lecture notes pdf. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

Electromechanical Energy conversion, forces and torque in magnetic field systems – energy balance, energy and force in a singly excited magnetic field system, determination of magnetic force , coenergy, multi excited magnetic field systems. DC Generators – Principle of operation, Action of commutator, constructional features, armature windings, lap and wave windings, simplex and multiplex windings, use of laminated armature, E. M.F. Equation, Methods of Excitation: separately excited and self excited generators, build up of E.M.F., critical field resistance and critical speed , causes for failure to self excite and remedial measures, Armature reaction: Cross magnetizing and demagnetizing AT/pole, compensating winding, commutation, reactance voltage, methods of improving commutation Load characteristics of shunt, series and compound generators, parallel operation of DC generators, use of equalizer bar and cross connection of field windings, load sharing.

Transformers: Single phase transformer, Constructional details, Core, windings, Insulation, principle of operation, emf equation, magnetising current and core losses, no load and on load operation, Phasor diagram, equivalent circuit, losses and efficiency, condition for maximum efficiency, voltage regulation, approximate expression for voltage regulation, open circuit and short circuit tests, Sumpner’s test, Inrush of switching currents, harmonics in single phase transformers, magnetizing current wave form, Parallel operation of transformers.


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