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COMPUTER INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING pdf Notes for Engineering Students
Ashish talpade

COMPUTER INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING pdf Notes for Engineering Students

Ashish talpade | 21-Jan-2016 |
Introduction , Computer Aided Process planning , Shop Floor Control and FMS , CIM Implementation , Data Communication , CIM System , Database for CIM ,

Hi friends, here Ashish talpade uploaded notes for COMPUTER INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING with title COMPUTER INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING pdf Notes for Engineering Students. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

Introduction: The meaning and origin of CIM, The changing manufacturing and management
scenario, External communication, Islands of automation and software, Dedicated and open
systems, Manufacturing automation protocol, Product related activities of a company, Marketing
engineering, Production planning, Plant operations, Physical distribution, Business and financial
management. [06 Lectures] Computer Aided Process planning: Role of process planning in CAD/CAM integration, Approaches to computer aided process planning- Variant approach and Generative approaches, CAPP and CMPP process planning systems. 
Shop Floor Control and FMS: Shop floor control-phases, Factory data collection system, Automatic identification methods- Bar code technology, Automated data collection system, FMS-components of FMS - types -FMS workstation, Material handling and storage systems, FMS layout, Computer control systems-application and benefits.
CIM Implementation: CIM and company strategy, System modeling tools-IDEF models, Activity cycle diagram, CIM open system architecture (CIMOSA), Manufacturing enterprise wheel, CIM
architecture, Product data management, CIM implementation software. [06 Lectures] Data Communication: Communication fundamentals, Local area networks, Topology, LAN implementations, Network management and installations.
CIM System: Open System Open systems inter connection, Manufacturing automations protocol
and technical office protocol (MAP /TOP). [04 Lectures] Database for CIM: Development of databases, Database terminology, Architecture of database systems, Data modeling and data associations, Relational data bases, Database operators, Advantages of data base.


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