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Neeraj Yadav | 26-Jan-2016 |
Introduction of Store Operations , Types of Retail Store and its Organization , Store Management and its Operations , Store Layout and Design , Atmospherics , Visual Merchandising , Selecting a Layout and Merchandise Management , Space Management , Scope and Challenges of Visual Merchandising ,

Hi friends, here Neeraj Yadav uploaded notes for STORE OPERATIONS And MANAGEMENT with title STORE OPERATIONS & MANAGEMENT pdf notes. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

Introduction of Store Operations,
Introduction; the Logistics Chain; Store Operations; Objectives of the Store Function; Managing the Store
Types of Retail Store and its Organization
Retail Store Organization; Centralized and Decentralized Retail Stores; Types of Retail Stores; Location of
Retail Store; Site Selection of Retail Store; Merchandise Management in Retail Store; Merchandise Handling in
Retail Store.
Store Management and its Operations
Retail Store Operation and Human Resource Management in Retail Store; Store Management Responsibilities;
Recruitment Selection and Motivating Retail Store Employees; Retail Store Operation and Financial
Dimensions in Retail Store; Asset Management; Resource Allocation; Retail Store Operation Management;
Store Format, Size and Space Organization; Retail Store Security; Retail Store Environment and Brand
Selecting a Layout and Merchandise Management
Objective of Store Layout Design; Selecting a Layout; Division of Merchandise by Department; Locating
Departments Within the Store; Merchandise Management and Principles of Merchandise Management.
Space Management
The Cost of Space; Drivers of the Size of the Store; The SMG Model; Impact on Space of Future Changes ;
Space Management Methods in Various Sectors; Promoting Space Efficiency in Building Design; Space
Store Layout and Design
Store Design with View to Retail Strategy; Constraints While Designing a Retail Store; Layout; Layout
Planning; Layout as an Indicator of Competitiveness; Layout Types; Signage and Graphics.
Visual Merchandising:
Meaning and Strategy Meaning of Visual Merchandising; Create Your Retail Store for Target Customers; Retail
Strategy for Visual Merchandise; Fixtures and Presentation Techniques.
Lighting; Address the Senses; Housekeeping Standards; Store Windows; Creative Displays; Signage; Color;
Music; Scent.
Scope and Challenges of Visual Merchandising
The Scope of Visual Merchandising; Regional Supermarkets With a Difference; Visual Merchandising for
Seasonal Sales; Interactive Windows; Consumer Behavior and its Influence; Challenges for Organic Retailers;
Specific Shop Facings Attract Different Customer Segments.


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