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Rajan Sharma | 26-Jan-2016 |
Introduction to Retailing , Paradigm of Retail in India , Strategic Process Planning in Retailing , Building and Sustaining Competitiveness , Customer Relationship Management , Financial Strategy , Pricing in Retailing , Retail Location Strategy , Growth Strategies ,

Hi friends, here Rajan Sharma uploaded notes for STRATEGY MANAGEMENT with title RETAIL STRATEGY MANAGEMENT pdf notes and ebook. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

An Introduction to Retailing
Introduction; Overview; the Framework of Retailing; the Importance of Development and Applying a Retail
Strategy; Theories of Retail Change.
Changing Paradigm of Retail in India
Introduction, Retailing in India: Trends & Opportunities; Traditional Retail Formats; Modern Retail Formats in
India; Geographical Markets; Retailing in Rural India; Vertical Marketing System in Indian Retailing;
Challenges in Retailing Business in India.
Strategic Process Planning in Retailing
Introduction; Situation Analysis; Objectives; Identification of Consumer Characteristics and Needs; Overall
Strategy; Specific Activities; Control; Feedback; a Strategic Planning Template of Retail Management; Case
Building and Sustaining Competitiveness: A Strategic Approach
Introduction; Methods of Developing Sustainable Competitive Advantage; Value and the Value Chain; Retailer
Relationship; Technology and Relationships in Retailing; Ethical Performance and Relationships in Retailing.
Customer Relationship Management
Introduction; Relationship Marketing as New Paradigm; Customer Lifetime Value and Relationship Lifecycle;
Customer Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction; Loyalty Marketing of Retailers; Case Study: Tesco. Ii
Financial Strategy
Objectives and Goals; Strategic Profit Model; Profit Margin Management Path; Asset Management Path;
Setting and Measuring Performance Objectives; Types of Measures.
Pricing in Retailing
Retail Pricing: Approaches and Strategies; External Factors Affecting a Retail Price Strategy; Developing a
Retail Price Strategy; Implementation of Price Strategy.
Retail Location Strategy
Introduction; the Importance of Location to Retail Companies; Types of Retail Locations; Location Assessment
Techniques; Case Study: ECE Projektmanagement.
Growth Strategies
Introduction; Growth Options; Outlet Growth: Organic Growth through Outlet Multiplication, Franchising,
Mergers & Acquisitions; Global Growth Opportunities.


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