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Ravi Chopra | 28-Jan-2016 |
Introduction to Management , FUNCTIONS OF MANAGEMENT , Human Resource Management , Systems Approach to Management , Behavior of Individuals , Motivation and Leadership , Group Dynamics , Organizational Culture , Organizational Issues ,

Hi friends, here Ravi Chopra uploaded notes for Business Organization And Management with title ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT PROCESS Pdf ebook. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

Introduction to Management  
Nature and Scope; Historical Evolution of Management Thought; Approaches and Systems of Management; Social Responsibilities of Management; Case Study- Regarding Scope of Creativity  
Functions of Management 
Planning: its Need, Principle, Types and Steps Involved; Managerial Decision Making: Types and Steps Involved in Decision Making Process; Organizational Design: Elements and Types; Staffing; Directing; Controlling Concepts  
Human Resource Management  
Human Resource Planning; Recruitment, Selection and Socialization; Training and Development; Performance Appraisal  
Systems Approach to Management 
Management Development; Scientific Management Approach; Fayol’s Principles of Management; Behavioral Approach; Human Resources Perspective; Communication: Functions and Direction of Communication; Choice of Communication Channel.  
Behavior of Individuals 
Nature of Organizational Behavior; Learning: Basic Nature of Learning, Theories, Classical Conditioning, Reinforcement; Individuals and Physical Ability; Theories of Perception and Personality; Measures of Personality  
Motivation and Leadership  
Introduction; Motivational Factors; Motivational Theories; Applications of Motivation in Organizations; Leadership and Approaches to Leadership; Management and Leadership.  
Group Dynamics  
Types of Groups; Group Structure; Groups and Teams; Stages of group Development; Group Decision Making  Techniques; Understanding Work Teams; Types of Teams; Group Dynamics and Organizational Politics  
Organizational Culture  
Introduction, Nature and Functions of Organizational Culture; Cultural Control Mechanisms; Culture: Conceptual Framework  
Organizational Issues  
Typology and Evolution of Organizational Culture; Forces and Key Roles; Behavioral Resistance to Change; Work Stress and Stress Management  


ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT PROCESS download full lecture notes and ebook pdf for MBA and Management students

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