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Neeraj Yadav | 29-Jan-2016 |
Introduction to Safety Engineering , Occupational Safety , Work Related Health Problems , Accidents and Losses , Hazards and Control of Hazards , Safety Programming and Training , Planning For Emergency and Disaster Management ,

Hi friends, here Neeraj Yadav uploaded notes for INDUSTRIAL SAFETY And DISASTERS with title INDUSTRIAL SAFETY and DISASTERS full ebook pdf. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

Introduction to Safety Engineering 
Evolution of Safety, Improvements Required, Safety Organization, Safety Functions, Workplace Operations Requiring Safety, Safety Benefits  
Occupational Safety  
Occupational Health Problems, Taking Care of Occupational Safety, Standards for Occupational Safety and  Health, Confined Space Standard, Hazardous Waste and Material Standards, Record Keeping, Incidence Rates, Information Dissemination, Government Responsibilities  
Work Related Health Problems  
Factor: Affecting and Controlling Occupational Health, Occupational lung diseases, Musculosketal injuries,  Occupational cancers, Occupational cardiovascular diseases, Severe occupational traumatic disorders, Disorders of reproduction, Neurotoxic disorders, Noise induced hearing loss, Dermatological conditions, Psychological  disorders  
Accidents and Losses  
Injury Resulting from an Accident, Accidents Resulting in Death, Work Injuries Based on Type of Accidents, Accident Causation, Prevention of Accidents, Cost of Accidents, Reducing Cost of Accident  
Hazards and Control of Hazards  
Rules for Safety and Workers' Participation, Controlling Hazards through Design, Controlling Hazards through Protective Equipment, Monitoring as a Means of Hazard Minimization, Warning, Buddy System for Hazard  Avoidance, Common Hazards, Ergonomic Hazards, Mechanical Hazards, Heat and Temperature Hazards,  Pressure Hazards, Electrical Hazards, Fire Hazards  
Planning For Emergency and Disaster Management  
Why Plan for Emergency, Organization for Emergency and Coordination, Medical Support, Cooperative Efforts in Emergency Control, Elements of Emergency Planning, Response to Trauma, Disaster, Disaster  Classification, Vulnerability to Disaster, Natural Disasters, Disaster Management  
Safety Programming and Training  
Safety Promotion, Safety Inspection, Safety Training, Orientation, Training through Periodic Safety Meetings, Illiteracy and Safety, Ethics and Safety  


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