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AutoCAD Basics notes pdf
Ashish talpade

AutoCAD Basics notes pdf

Ashish talpade | 01-Feb-2016 |
Draw Commands , Edit Commands , Coordinate Entry , Osnap , Layers , Dimensioning , Zoom Commands , Typical Drawing Setup ,

Hi friends, here Ashish talpade uploaded notes for AutoCAD with title AutoCAD Basics notes pdf. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

AutoCAD Interface 2
Draw Commands 2-4
Line command tutorial
Polygon command tutorial
Rectangle command tutorial
Circle command tutorial
Ellipse command tutorial
Edit Commands 4-7
Erase command tutorial
Copy command tutorial
Mirror command tutorial
Offset command turorial
Extend command turorial
Array command tutorial
Move command tutorial
Rotate command tutorial
Scale command tutorial
Trim command tutorial
Chamfer command tutorial
Fillet command tutorial
Coordinate Entry 7-8
X,Y,Z, coordinate entry system
Angular measurement
Absolute Coordinate entry
Relative coordinate entry
Polar coordinate entry
Osnap 9
Free Osnap
Qnew/Open/Save/Exit 10
Layers 11
Create new layer
Assign layer color
Assign layer linetype
Dimensioning 12-13
Using dimensions
Text In A Drawing 13
Zoom Commands 13-14
Zoom realtime
Zoom window
Zoom previous
Zoom all
Pan realtime
Plot Command 14
Ortho 14
Esc Key 14
How Commands Work 14
Typical Drawing Setup 14-16
Ortho command
Snap command
Units command
Limits command
Zoom all
Set Layers
Ltscale command
Text Style command
LWT command
Undo/Redo 16
Putting It All Together 16
Keyboard Functions

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