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Elements of Power System

Neeraj Yadav | 09-Nov-2015 |
Skin effect , Conductors , Signal line diagram , Proximity effect , Kelvin law , Line inductance , Flux linkage , Inductance of three phase line , Electric potential , Capacitance of a 3-Phase Overhead Line , Nominal T-method , Medium transmission line , Long transmission line , Sag , String efficiency , Insulating cable ,

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1. Components of Power System. 1.1 Single Line Diagram 1.2 Elements of Power system 1.3 Advantage of High Transmission Voltage 2. Various Systems of Power Transmission 2.1 Comparison of Conductor Material in Various Overhead Systems. 3. Transmission Line 3.1 Conductors 3.2 Types of Conductor 3.3 Skin Effect 3.4 Kelvin’s Law 3.5 Proximity Effect Unit-2

4. Line Parameters 4.1 Introduction 4.2 Line Inductance 4.3 Flux Linkage 4.4 Inductance of Single phase 2 wire line 4.5 Inductance of Three Phase Line 4.6 Concept of Self GMD and Mutual GMD


4.7 Electric Potential 4.8 Capacitance of single phase Two wire line 4.9 Capacitance of a 3-Phase Overhead Line 5. Performance of Transmission Line 5.1 Introduction 5.2 Classification of transmission system 5.3 Important Term 5.4 Performance of Short transmission Line 5.5 Effect of Load p.f. on Regulation and Efficiency 5.6  Medium transmission Line 5.7 Nominal T- Method 5.8 Nominal P Method 5.9 Long Transmission Line 5.10 Analysis of Long transmission Line Unit-3 6. Corona 6.1 Theory of Corona Formation 6.2 Factors Affecting Corona 6.3 Important Terms 6.4 Advantage & Disadvantage of Corona 6.5 Methods of reducing Corona Effect 7. Line Insulators 7.1 Types of Insulators 7.2 Potential Distribution over suspension insulator string 7.3 String Efficiency


7.4 Methods of Improving String Efficiency Unit-4 8. Mechanical Design of Transmission Line 8.1 Sag in Overhead Lines 8.2 Calculation of Sag 8.3 Vibration Dampers 8.4 String Chart 8.5 Sag Template 9. Insulated Cables 9.1 Construction of Cables 9.2 Insulating Materials for Cables 9.3 Classification of cables 9.4 Dielectric Stress in a Single-Core Cable 9.5 Grading of Cables 9.6 Capacitance of 3-Core Cables


 10.  Neutral Grounding 10.1 Introduction 10.2 Methods of Neutral Grounding 10.3 Grounding Transformers 11.  Development of EHV transmission systems 11.1 Development of EHV transmission systems 11.2 Merits & Demerits of HVDC 11.3 Types of DC links

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