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Extractive Metallurgy of Copper 4th Edition full eBook Download Free
Pankaj Yadav

Extractive Metallurgy of Copper 4th Edition full eBook Download Free

Pankaj Yadav | 16-Feb-2016 |
Extractive Metallurgy of Copper , Overview , Production and Use , Concentrating Copper Ores , Matte Smelting Fundamentals , Flash Smelting - Outokumpu Process , Inco Flash Smelting , Noranda and Teniente Smelting , Ausmeltflsasmelt Matte Smelting , Batch Converting of Cu Matte , Continuous Converting , Copper Loss in Slag , Direct-To-Copper Flash Smelting , Mitsubishi Continuous SmeltingKonverting , Capture and Fixation of Sulfur , Electrolytic Refining , Hydrometallurgical Copper Extraction , Electrowinning , Melting and Casting , Costs of Copper Production ,

Hi friends, here Pankaj Yadav uploaded notes for Mechanical Metallurgy with title Extractive Metallurgy of Copper 4th Edition full eBook Download Free. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

1 Overview
1. I Introduction
1.3 Hydrometallurgical Extraction of Copper
I .5
1.6 Summary
Extracting Copper from Copper-Iron-Sulfide Ores
Melting and Casting Cathode Copper
Recycle of Copper and Copper-Alloy Scrap
Suggested Reading
2 Production and Use
2.1 Locations of Copper Deposits
2.2 Location of Extraction Plants
2.4 Price of Copper
2.5 Summary
Copper Minerals and ‘Cut-Off Grades
3 Concentrating Copper Ores
3.1 Concentration Flowsheet
3.2 Crushing and Grinding (Comminution)
3.3 Flotation Feed Particle Sii-
3.4 Froth Flotation
3.6 Flotation Cells
3.7 Sensors. Operation and Control
Specific Flotation Procedure
3.8 The Flotation Product
3.9 Other Flotation Separations
3.10 Summary
Suggested Reading
4 Matte Smelting Fundamentals
4.1 Why Smelting?
4.2 Matte and Slag
4.3 Reactions During Matte Smelting

4.6 Summary
The Smelting Process: General Considerations
Smelting Products: Matte, Slag and Offgas
Suggested Reading
5 Flash Smelting - Outokumpu Process
5.1 Outokumpu Flash Furnace
5.2 Peripheral Equipment
5.3 Furnace Operation
5.4 Control
5.5 Impurity Behavior
5.6 Future Trends
5.7 Summary
Suggested Reading
6 Inco Flash Smelting
6.1 Furnace Details
6.2 Auxiliary Equipment
6.3 Operation
6.4 Control Strategy

6.7 Summary
Cu-in-Slag and Molten Converter Slag Recycle
7 Noranda and Teniente Smelting 103

Noranda Process
Reaction Mechanisms
Operation and Control
Production Rate Enhancement
Noranda Future
Teniente Smelting
Process Description
Impurity Distribution
Teniente Future
Suggested Reading
8 Ausmeltflsasmelt Matte Smelting 119

Basic Operations
Feed Materials
The Isasmelt Furnace and Lance
Smelting Mechanisms
Startup and Shutdown
Current Installations
Other Coppermaking Uses of AusmeltiIsasmelt Technology
9 Batch Converting of Cu Matte 131
9.1 Chemistry 131
9.2 Industrial Peirce-Smith Converting Operations 137
9.4 Maximizing Converter Productivity 145
9.5 Recent Developments in Converting- Shrouded Blast Injection 148
9.6 Alternatives to Peirce-Smith Converting 148
9.7 Summary 150
10 Continuous Converting
10. I Common Features of Continuous Converting
10.2 Downward Lance Mitsubishi Continuous Converting
10.3 Solid Matte Outokumpu Flash Converting
10.4 Submerged-Tuyere Noranda Continuous Converting
10.5 % Cu-in-Slag
10.6 Summary
Suggested Reading
11 Copper Loss in Slag
1 1.1 Copper in Slags
11.6 Summary
Decreasing Copper in Slag I: Minimizing Slag Generation
Decreasing Copper in Slag 11: Minimizing Cu Concentration in
Decreasing Copper in Slag 111: Pyrometallurgical Slag
Decreasing Copper in Slag IV: Slag Minerals Processing
Suggested Reading
12 Direct-To-Copper Flash Smelting
The Ideal Direct-to-Copper Process
Industrial Single Furnace Direct-to-Copper Smelting
Industrial Details
Cu-in-Slag: Comparison with Conventional Matte
Cu-in-Slag Limitation of Direct-to-Copper Smelting
Direct-to-Copper Impurities
Suggested Reading
13 Mitsubishi Continuous SmeltingKonverting

Electric Slag Cleaning Furnace Details
Converting Furnace Details
Recent Mitsubishi Process Developments
Reaction Mechanisms in Mitsubishi Smelting
Optimum Matte Grade
Impurity Behavior in Mitsubishi SmeltingiConverting
Process Control in Mitsubishi Smelting/Converting
Suggested Reading
14 Capture and Fixation of Sulfur

Offgases from Smelting and Converting Processes
Sulfuric Acid Manufacture
Smelter Offgas Treatment
Gas Drying
Acid Plant Chemical Reactions
Industrial Sulfuric Acid Manufacture
Recent and Future Developments in Sulfuric Acid Manufacture
Alternative Sulfur Products
Future Improvements in Sulfur Capture
Suggested Reading
15 Fire Refining and Casting of Anodes: Sulfur and
Oxygen Removal

Industrial Methods of Fire Refining
Chemistry of Fire Refining
Choice of Hydrocarbon for Deoxidation
Casting Anodes
Continuous Anode Casting
New Anodes from Rejects and Anode Scrap
Removal of Impurities During Fire Refining
Suggested Reading
16 Electrolytic Refining
16.1 Principles
Behavior of Anode Impurities During Electrorefining
Industrial Electrorefining
Cells and Electrical Connections
Typical Refining Cycle
Refining Objectives
Maximizing Cathode Copper Purity
Optimum Physical Arrangements
Optimum Chemical Arrangements
Optimum Electrical Arrangements
Minimizing Energy Consumption
Recent Developments in Electrorefining
Suggested Reading
17 Hydrometallurgical Copper Extraction:
Introduction and Leaching
17.1 Heap Leaching
17.2 Industrial Heap Leaching
17.3 Steady-State Leaching
17.4 Leaching of Chalcopyrite Concentrates
17.5 Other Leaching Processcs
17.6 Future Developments
17.7 Summary
Suggested Reading
18 Solvent Extraction Transfer of Cu
from Leach Solution to Electrolyte

The Solvent Extraction Process
Industrial Solvent Extraction Plants
Quantitative Design of Series Circuit
Stability of Operation
19. I Electrowinning Reactions
19.2 Electrowinning Tankhouse Practice
19.3 Maximizing Copper Purity
19.4 Maximizing Current Efficiency
19.5 Future Developments
19.6 Summary
Suggested Reading
20 Collection and Processing of Recycled Copper
20.1 The Materials Cycle
20.3 Scrap Processing and Beneficiation
20.4 Summary
Secondary Copper Grades and Definitions
Suggested Reading
21 Chemical Metallurgy of Copper Recycling
2 1.1
2 I .2
21.3 Summary
The Secondary Copper Smelter
Scrap Processing in Primary Copper Smelters
Suggested Reading
22 Melting and Casting
22. I
22.2 Melting Technology
22.3 Casting Machines
22.4 Summary
Product Grades and Quality
Suggested Reading
23 Costs of Copper Production

Overall Investment Costs: Mine through Refinery
Overall Direct Operating Costs: Mine through Refinery
Total Production Costs, Selling Prices, Profitability

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