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Digital Measurement Techniques important notes for good result.
Neeraj Yadav

Digital Measurement Techniques important notes for good result.

Neeraj Yadav | 07-Dec-2015 |
Philosophy of digital measurements. , Digital time Measurement Techniques , Digital Frequency Measurement Techniques , Digitally Programmable Circuits , Digital to Analog Converters , Digital Voltage Measurement Techniques ,

Hi friends, here Neeraj Yadav uploaded notes for Digital Measurement Techniques with title Digital Measurement Techniques important notes for good result.. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

hello guys, here i uploaded Digital Measurement Techniques notes for best exam prepartion,

must read notes in easy language with examples. this pdf coverd following topics.

S.No. TOPIC Page no
Philosophy of digital measurements. 3
UNIT I : Digital Time Measurement Techniques 3-20
1 Measurement of time interval between two events, error in time interval measurement. 4-5
2 Vernier technique for small time measurement, measurement of time interval with constraints. 6-10
3 Measurement of periodic time, phase, time interval between two events defined by voltage
4 Quality factor of ringing circuit, decibel meter, logarithmic A/D converter. 14-20
UNIT II : Digital Frequency Measurement Techniques 21-29
1 Measurement of frequency, ratio of two frequencies. 21-23
2 Product of two frequencies, high frequency, average frequency difference. 23-26
3 Deviation of power frequency, peak frequency. 26-28
4 Fast low-frequency measurement. 28-29
UNIT III: Digitally Programmable Circuits 30-44
1 Resistor, Potentiometer, amplifiers. 30-34
2 Schmitt trigger, dual polarity gain amplifiers. 34-36
3 Programmable gain amplifier with dual output, two stage programming, programmable biquads. 36-44
UNIT IV: Digital to Analog Converters 45-56
1 Output input relation; DACs derived from programmable gain amplifiers. 45-50
2 Weighted-resistor DAC, Weighted current DAC. 50-53
3 Weighted reference voltage DAC, Ladder DAC, switches. 54-56
UNIT V: Digital Voltage Measurement Techniques 57-72
1 Sampling theorem, time-division multiplexing. 57-64
2 Quantization, indirect type A/D converters. 65-70
3 Direct type A/D converters, Input circuitry of a digital Voltmeter. 70-72


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