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FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Notes and Ebook Download
Neeraj Yadav

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Notes and Ebook Download

Neeraj Yadav | 18-Feb-2016 |
Overview , Financial Statements , Cash Flow , Fixed Capital Analysis , Capital Structure and Dividend Policy , Working Capital Analysis , INVENTORY MANAGEMENT , Cash Management Analysis ,

Hi friends, here Neeraj Yadav uploaded notes for FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT with title FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Notes and Ebook Download. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

Introduction to Financial Management: Objectives of Financial Management, Functions of Financial
Management; Financial Instruments: Equity Shares, Preference Shares, Right Issues; Debts: Debentures, Types
of Debentures; Indian Financial System: Functions of Financial Market, Classification of Financial Markets,
Efficiency of Financial System, Skeleton of the Financial System; Time Value of Money; Valuation of Bonds
and Shares.
Financial Statements
Comparative Statement: Importance of Financial Statement, Limitations, Constructing Comparative Statement;
Common Size Statement: Advantages of Common Size Statement, Limitations of Common Size Statement,
Constructing Common Size Statement; Trend Analysis: Advantages of Trend Percentages Analysis, Limitations
of Trend Percentages Analysis, Method of Preparation of Trend Percentages, Precautions; Ratio Analysis:
Importance, Limitations and Classification of Ratios.
Cash Flow
Fund Flow Statement: Objectives of Funds Flow Statement, Limitations, Preparation of Funds Flow Statement;
Cash Flow Statement: Direct and Indirect Methods of Cash Flow.
Fixed Capital Analysis
Capital Budgeting: Features of Capital Budgeting, Importance of Capital Budgeting; Evaluations Techniques of
Projects: Traditional Techniques: Pay Back Period, ARR,Time Adjusted Techniques: NPV, IRR, PI; Risk and
Uncertainty in Capital Budgeting.
Capital Structure and Dividend Policy
Leverage Analysis: Operating Leverage, Financial Leverage, Combined Leverage; Capital Structure: Factors
Determining the Capital structure, Theories of Capital Structure; Cost of Capital: Significance of Cost of
Capital, Computation of Cost of Capital, EPS, EBIT Analysis; Dividend Policy: Dividend decision and
valuation of Firm, Determinants of Dividend Policy, Types of Dividends, Forms of Dividend, Bonus Issue.
Working Capital Analysis
Working Capital: Operating Cycle/Working Capital Cycle, Factors Effecting Working Capital, Importance of
Adequate Working Capital, Financing of Working Capital, Determining Working Capital Financing Mix,
Working Capital Analysis, Estimation of Working Capital Requirements; Receivables Management: Costs of
Maintaining Receivables, Meaning and Definition of Receivables Management , Dimensions of Receivables
Inventory Management
Inventory Management: Meaning of Inventory, Purpose of Holding Inventory, Inventory Management,
Objectives of Inventory Management; Inventory Management Techniques.
Cash Management Analysis
Cash Management: Motives for Holding Cash, Cash Management, Managing Cash Flows; Cash Management

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