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COMPENSATION MANAGEMENT pdf Lectue Notes and eBook download
Ashish talpade

COMPENSATION MANAGEMENT pdf Lectue Notes and eBook download

Ashish talpade | 19-Feb-2016 |
Objectives of Compensation , Wage Determination , Wage Deferential , Executive compensation , Job Evaluation , Wage Incentives , Profit Sharing , Benefit Programs , Tax Planning ,

Hi friends, here Ashish talpade uploaded notes for COMPENSATION MANAGEMENT with title COMPENSATION MANAGEMENT pdf Lectue Notes and eBook download. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

Objectives of Compensation
Introduction to Compensation and Rewards; Objective of Compensation and Rewards; Introduction to
Framework of Compensation Policy; Labor market characteristics and pay relatives
Wage Determination:
Introduction to Compensation, Rewards, Wage Levels and Wage Structures; Introduction to Wage
Determination Process and Wage Administration rules; Introduction to Factors Influencing Wage and Salary
Structure and Principles of Wage and Salaries Administration; Introduction to the Theory of Wages:
Introduction to Minimum, Fair and Living Wage
Wage Deferential
Introduction to Minimum Wages; Introduction to Basic Kinds of Wage Plans; Introduction to Wage
Differentials & Elements of a Good Wage Plans; Introduction to Institutional Mechanisms for Wage
Executive Compensation
Legalistic Framework for Wage Determination; Introduction to Importance of Wage Differentials; Introduction
to Executive Compensation and Components of Remuneration
Job Evaluation
Introduction to Nature and Objectives of Job Evaluation; Introduction to Principles and Procedure of Job
Evaluation Programs; Introduction to Basic Job Evaluation Methods; Introduction to Implementation of
Evaluated Job; Introduction to Determinants of Incentives; Introduction to Classification of Rewards; Incentive
Payments and its Objectives.
Wage Incentives
Introduction to Wage Incentives in India; Introduction to Types of Wage Incentive Plans; Introduction to
Prevalent Systems & Guidelines for Effectives Incentive Plans; Introduction to Non- Monetary Incentives
Profit Sharing
Introduction to Cafeteria Style of Compensation; Introduction to Problems of Equity and Bonus; Profit Sharing
& Stock Options; Introduction to Features of Fringe Benefits; Introduction to History and Growth Factors;
Coverage of Benefits; Introduction to Employee Services & Fringe Benefits in India
Benefit Programs
Introduction to Benefit Programs; for Management & Administration of Benefits & Services; Introduction to
Compensation Survey & Methodology; Introduction to Planning Compensation for Executives & knowledge
Workers 1
Tax Planning
Introduction to Tax Planning; Comparative International Compensation; Introduction to Downsizing; Voluntary
Retirement Scheme; Pay Restructuring in Mergers & Acquisition

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