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Ashish talpade | 19-Feb-2016 |
INTERNET MARKETING MANAGEMENT , Introducing internet marketing , The internet micro-environment situation analysis , Internet marketing strategy , Internet and marketing mix , Relationship marketing using internet , E-mail marketing fundamentals , Internet branding , Advertising and integrated brand promotion , Adapting marketing to the new economy , Direct and online marketing ,

Hi friends, here Ashish talpade uploaded notes for Internet with title INTERNET MARKETING MANAGEMENT. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

Introducing internet marketing: Scope of Internet Marketing, Internet and marketing, Customer-Centric Digital
Marketing, E-Business and E-Commerce, E-business Vs. E-Commerce, Typical types of Goals for Digital
Marketing, Different forms of web presence, Challenges in Developing & Managing an Internet Marketing
Strategy, benefits of digital media, Marketing environment and Use of internet marketing in service provision.
The internet micro-environment situation analysis: Macro Elements & Micro Elements of environment, Online
Marketplace Map, Customer Behavior Analysis, Demand Analysis & Conversion Modeling, Evaluating
Demand Level, Business Consumer Characteristics, Consumer Behavior Models, Business Models in e-
Commerce, Internet marketing-3rd party perspective.
Internet marketing strategy: E-marketing strategy essentials, Internal & External influences on Internet
marketing strategy, Hierarchy of organization plans including e-marketing plans, Problems if no E-marketing
strategy, The SOSTAC planning framework, Levels of website development, Internet Marketing Benefits,
Internet to support different organizational growth strategies, marketing strategy development.
Internet and marketing mix: Marketing Mix, Mixing the M-elements online, The Elements of the Marketing
Mix, E-Marketing Mix based n 7C's, Product Introduced, Conducting Marketing Research Online, Types of
Marketing Research, Brands and brand management online, Price Implications, B2B Reverse auctions Vs. B2C
forward auctions, Channel and Channel Conflicts, Virtual Organizations, Promotion Mix, ICT for Acquisition
& Retention.
Relationship marketing using internet: Definition and elements of CRM, CRM Applications, CRM Data,
Categorizing Customers: According to Value, E-CRM Benefits, Permission Marketing, Approaches to
Implementing e-CRM, Approaches to implementing e-CRM, The Elements of the IDIC framework, Techniques
for managing customer activities & life time value LTV .
E-mail marketing fundamentals: permission marketing: permission marketing, Incentivization, e-permission
marketing principles, legal constraints, Benefits of relationship marketing, Benefits of relationship marketing,
online CRM, Personalization and mass customization.
Internet branding: Definition, Stages of Branding, The Internet and Relationships, marketing and the internet,
developing an internet marketing strategy, current challenges and future prospects for e-marketing, the future of
Advertising and integrated brand promotion: Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion defined, basic model 1
of advertising communication, different ways of classifying audiences for advertising and IBP, key roles of
advertising and IBP as a business process, concept of integrated brand promotion (IBP) and the role advertising,
Advertising as a Business Process.
Adapting marketing to the new economy: Overview, Major drivers of the new economy, How business
practices are changing, How business practices are changing, How marketing practices are changing: ebusiness,
How marketing practices are changing: setting up web sites, Designing an attractive web site, How
marketing practices are changing: customer relationship marketing, Data warehouses and datamining,
Downside of database marketing.
Direct and online marketing: Online marketing and electronic commerce, rapid growth of online marketing, the
online consumer, conducting online marketing, Placing Advertisements Online, Using E-mail and Webcasting,
The Promise and Challenges of Online Marketing, Integrated Direct Marketing, Integrated Direct Marketing,
Invasion of Privacy.

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