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RETAIL MARKETING pdf eBook and notes Download
Ashish talpade

RETAIL MARKETING pdf eBook and notes Download

Ashish talpade | 19-Feb-2016 |
Overview of Retailing , Multi-channel Retailing , Management of Service , Types of Retailers , Retail Customer , Merchandise Management , Product Management ,

Hi friends, here Ashish talpade uploaded notes for RETAIL MARKETING with title RETAIL MARKETING pdf eBook and notes Download. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

Overview of Retailing
What is retailing? A retailer role in distribution channel; Functions performed by retailers; Social and Economic
Significance of retailing. Selection of retailing and distribution; channels around the world; Retail Management
decision proves
Multi-channel Retailing
Retail channels for interacting with customers; Store channel; Catalog Channel; Internet Channel;
Personalization; Selling merchandise; Role of Brands; Overcoming limitation of an earning format; Expending
market presence
Management of Service
Retailers provides health care services; Strategic advantage through customer service; Customer service
strategies; Customers service at IKEA; Customers evaluations of service quality; Role of expectation; Perceived
service; Knowing what customers what the knowledge gap;
Types of Retailers-1
Retailers characterstics; Netlike attracts compitators; Variety and assortment; Food retailers Supermakets; Super
center; Warehouse clubs; Hypermarkets; Convenience stores
Types of Retailers-2
Category specialists; Extreme value retailer; Off price retailers; Electronic retailers; Catalog and direct mail
retailer; Direct selling. Services retailing
Retail Customer
Consumer Behavior; Why do people shop; Factors affecting consumer decision making; Demographics;
psychological environmental and lifestyle; perception and learning; culture and subculture; Stages of the
consumer decision process; Consumer decision rules.
Product Management
Role of product management in retail business; the pantaloon store in Mumbai; Brand Management and
retailing; Merchandise budget ;Life cycle stages; Inventory plan; Target market analysis.
Merchandise Management
Merchandising budget; Merchandise planning in units; Merchandising differentiation; Dimension of the
merchandising line; category management; Merchandising management in bowins retail segments; Evaluating
merchandise performance; Financial objectives of merchandising.
Case Studies
Big Bazaar-Indian Wal-Mart; Bharat Petrolium.

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