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Client Server Architecture Course Material Download Free
Ashish talpade

Client Server Architecture Course Material Download Free

Ashish talpade | 22-Feb-2016 |
CLIENT SERVER ARCHITECTURE , Introduction to Client/Server , Client/Server Architecture And Servers , Client Side Services , Server Side Services , Network and Protocol Basics , CORBA ,

Hi friends, here Ashish talpade uploaded notes for Computer Networks with title Client Server Architecture Course Material Download Free. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

Sl.No Topic Contents
1. Introduction to Client/Server 1.1 Introduction to Client/Server
1.2 Characteristics of the Client and the Server
1.3 Merits and Demerits of the Client Server
2. Client/Server Architecture
And Servers
2.1 Types of Servers
2.2 ORB
2.3 Client Server Architectures
2.3.1 The knowledge about the Fat Servers
And the Fat Clients
2.3.2 The Architectures
2.4 Stored Procedure
2.5 Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
2.6 InterProcess Communication
3. Client Side Services 3.0 Services
3.1 Print Services
3.2 Remote Services
3.3 Utility Services
3.4 Message Services
3.5 Network Services
3.6 Application Services
3.7 Database Services
3.8 Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)
3.9 Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)
3.10 Client Tools
3.11 GUI Clients
3.12 Non-GUI Clients
3.13 OOUI (Object Oriented User Interface)
4. Server Side Services 4.1 Server Functionality
4.2 Request Processing
4.3 Print Services
4.4 Database Services
4.5 Security Services
4.6 File Services
4.7 Communication Services
5. Network and Protocol Basics 5.0 Communication Network
5.1 Local Area Network
5.2 Metropolitan Area Network
5.3 Wide Area Network
5.4 Network Structure
5.5 OSI Model
5.6 TCP/IP Architecture
5.7 TCP/IP Protocols
6. CORBA 6.1 Common Object Request Broker
6.2 CORBA Object Services
6.3 CORBA Common Facilities
6.4 CORBA 3.0 Next Generation
6.5 CORBA Style Interfaces
6.6 DCOM Object
6.7 COM Server

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