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Ergonomics: The Study of Work
Ashish talpade

Ergonomics: The Study of Work

Ashish talpade | 22-Feb-2016 |
The Study of Work ,

Hi friends, here Ashish talpade uploaded notes for Ergonomics with title Ergonomics: The Study of Work. You can download this lecture notes, ebook by clicking on the below file name or icon.

What is ergonomics? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1
Who needs to read this booklet? --------------------------------------------------------- 1
Why is ergonomics important? ----------------------------------------------------------- 1
What are MSDs?---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2
What causes work-related MSDs? -------------------------------------------------------- 2
Can non-work-related factors cause MSDs? -------------------------------------------- 3
What types of work are most likely to pose ergonomic hazards? -------------------- 3
How do I know if I have an MSD? ------------------------------------------------------- 3
What parts of the body are most affected by MSDs? ---------------------------------- 3
How much does it cost to prevent MSDs? ---------------------------------------------- 4
How can ergonomics help my workplace? ---------------------------------------------- 5
What can I do to detect and prevent ergonomic hazards at my workplace? ------- 5
What is job hazard analysis? -------------------------------------------------------------- 7
How do I control ergonomic risk factors? ----------------------------------------------- 7
What comprises MSD management? ---------------------------------------------------- 8
What type of training and education program do I need? ---------------------------- 9
How do I begin an ergonomics program at my workplace? --------------------------- 9
How can I find out more about ergonomics? ----------------------------------------- 10
Glossary ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 11

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