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Raunak Sharma
Raunak Sharma 22-Oct-2016 2
uptu notes

Notes on transmisssion lines,capacitance, inductance, insulators,neutral grounding  

Ashish talpade
Environmental Studies Course file free pdf notes download

  Contents 1. Cover page 2 2. Syllabus copy 6 3. Vision of the Department 7 4. Mission of the Department 7 5. PEOs and POs 8 6. Course objectives and outcomes 7. Brief importance of the course and how it fits into the curriculum 9 8. Prerequisites if any 9 9. Instructional Learnin....

Neeraj Yadav
Neeraj Yadav 17-Aug-2016 0
Classification of Thermodynamic Cycles pdf notes download free

We can classify thermodynamic cycles according to their desired output: • the state of the working fluid: • or whether or not the working fluid is replaced in each cycle Power cycles vs. refrigeration cycles Gas cycles vs. vapor cycles Closed cycles vs. open cycles   Download free lecture notes of Cl....

Pankaj Yadav
Pankaj Yadav 12-Jul-2016 1
Complete LECTURE NOTES ON STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS 2 unit wise download free

SYLLABUS  UNIT – I  MOMENT DISTRIBUTION METHOD – Analysis of single bay - single storey portal frames including side sway.   Analysis of inclined frames  KANI’S METHOD:  Analysis of continuous beams including settlement of supports.  Analysis of single bay single storey and single bay two sto....

Neeraj Yadav
Neeraj Yadav 12-Jul-2016 1
Business Communication lecture notes/ full ebook download free

Brief contents for Business Communication Part 1 The Communication Environment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 1. Business Communication Foundations 2 2. Multicultural and Global Communication 24 3. Technological, Legal, and Ethical Considerations 53 Part 2 Effective Communication De....

Neeraj Yadav
Neeraj Yadav 12-Jul-2016 0
Strategic Management 7th edition full pdf ebook download

Brief Contents for Strategic Management Part 1 Strategic Management Inputs 1 CHAPTER 1 Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness 2 CHAPTER 2 The External Environment:Opportunities,Threats, Industry Competition, and Competitor Analysis 34 CHAPTER 3 The Internal Environment: Resources,Capabilities, and Co....

Neeraj Yadav
Neeraj Yadav 12-Jul-2016 2
Business Statistics For Contemporary Decision Making complete ebook free download

BRIEF CONTENTS of Business Statistics For Contemporary Decision Making Unit - 1 INTRODUCTION Introduction to Statistics 2 Charts and Graphs 16 Descriptive Statistics 46 Probability 92 Unit - 2 DISTRIBUTIONS AND SAMPLING Discrete Distributions 136 Continuous Dist....

Neeraj Yadav
Neeraj Yadav 11-Jul-2016 1
Thermodynamics Chapter wise lecture notes free download


Ravi Chopra
Ravi Chopra 11-Jul-2016 0
Properties of Pure Substances in Thermodynamics pdf notes free download

If any two independent intensive properties of a simple compressible system are defined, other properties automatically assume definite values. These properties can be expressed in terms of charts, tables or equations. This chapter covers the charts and tables of properties of steam.   download free Properties of Pu....

Ravi Chopra
Ravi Chopra 11-Jul-2016 0

From second law of thermodynamics we found that complete conversion of heat into work is not possible in a continuous process. Also it has been proved that the most efficient cycle to produce work is a....

Ravi Chopra
Ravi Chopra 11-Jul-2016 0
ENTROPY in Thermodynamics pdf notes and ebook download

The first law of thermodynamics deals with the property energy and the conservation of energy. ....

Ravi Chopra
Ravi Chopra 11-Jul-2016 0
THE SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS free pdf lecture notes download

If a well insulated tank of fluid is stirred by a rotating paddle wheel, the energy of the fluid increases. If the stirrer is stopped, however the energy of the fluid will not decrease and cause the stirrer to rotate in the opposite direction. The possibility of this process proceeding in the opposite direction is not excluded by the first law of Thermodynamics. Hence first law of the....

Ravi Chopra
Ravi Chopra 11-Jul-2016 0
THE FIRST LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS pdf notes download free

Energy interactions between a system and its surroundings across the boundary in the form of heat and work have been discussed separately in the previous chapter. So far, no attempt has been made to relate these interactions between themselves and with the energy content of the system. First law of thermodynamics, often called as law of conservation of ener....

Ravi Chopra
Ravi Chopra 11-Jul-2016 0
WORK AND HEAT in Thermodynamics pdf notes download free

work is done when the point of application of a force moves in the direction of the force. The product of the force and the distance moved in the direction of the force is equal to the amount of the work done. This simple definition of work confines only to the area of mechanics and can not be extended to the more complex problems in thermodynamics. Hence a....

Ravi Chopra
Ravi Chopra 11-Jul-2016 0
BASIC CONCEPTS AND DEFINITIONS of Thermodynamics pdf lecture notes download

Thermodynamics is the science of energy transfer which deals with the relations  among heat, work and properties of systems.  The name ‘thermodynamics’ is derived from the Greek words therme, meaning ‘heat’ and dynamis meaning power. Thus, thermodynamics is basically the study of heat and power.    Download free ....

element of power system Topics

Thermodynamics Topics