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Shubham Goyal
Shubham Goyal 24-May-2016 2
Notes on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE all units covered download free

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Definition of AI What is AI? Artificial Intelligence is concerned with the design of intelligence in an artificial device. The term was coined by McCarthy in 1956. There are two ideas in the definition. 1. Intelligence 2. Artificial device What is intelli....

Shubham Goyal
Shubham Goyal 14-Mar-2016 0
SPEECH OPERATED bank locker system project Documentation

 In today’s world of technology every one think about comfort  like controlling bank locker  voice etc this system is   Automatic recognition of speech by a machine has been a goal of research for more than four decades and has inspired technological wonders such as the ASIMO (a humanoid) & AIBO (an android) robots by HONDA. With life getti....

Ashish talpade
Neural Network Complete Notes pdf Download

What is an artificial neural network? An artificial neural network is a system based on the operation of biological neural networks, in other words, is an emulation of biological neural system. Why would be necessary the implementation of artificial neural networks? Although computing these days is truly advanced, there are certain tasks that a program made....

Rajan Sharma
Rajan Sharma 15-Feb-2016 0
Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems for Engineers eBook, Notes pdf Download

Chapter 1—Introduction 1.1 General 1.2 Developments in Artificial Intelligence 1.3 Developments in Expert Systems 1.4 Role of AI and Expert Systems in Engineering Chapter 2—Search Techniques 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Problem Definition and Solution Process 2.3 Production Systems 2.4 Search Techniques 2.4.1 Br....

Neeraj Yadav
Neeraj Yadav 18-Jan-2016 0
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE best Lecture notes pdf download

Module I ( 10 hrs. ) Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: The Foundations of Artificial Intelligence, The History of Artificial Intelligence, and the State of the Art. Intelligent Agents: Introduction, How Agents should Act, Structure of Intelligent Agents, Environments. Solving Problems by Searching: problem-solving Agents....

Neeraj Yadav
Neeraj Yadav 18-Jan-2016 0
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE chapter wise lecture notes and ebook pdf

   Characterizations of Artificial Intelligence  Artificial Intelligence Agents  Search in Problem Solving  Knowledge Re....

Neeraj Yadav
Neeraj Yadav 13-Sep-2015 0
Introduction to AI

Introduction to AI

Neeraj Yadav
Neeraj Yadav 11-Aug-2015 1

Formalized symbolic logic: Propositional logic-first order predicate logic, wff conversionto clausal form, inference rules, the resolution principle....