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Topics    Meaning, Nature, Scope and significance  Theory of Consumer’s Behaviour  Indifference Curve Approach  LAW OF DEMAND AND ELASTICITY OF DEMAND  DEMAND FORECASTING  The Organization of Produ....

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SYLLABUS Introduction to Business Economics, Scarcity, Choice and Efficiency, Demand Analysis, Supply Analysis, Equilibrium of Supply and Demand, Elasticity of Supply and Demand Utility Approach, Preference Approach in the context of consumer choice, Indifference Curve, Price Effect and Consumer....

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Module I: Market Structure Perfect competition Equilibrium of Industry under perfect competition Equilibrium of a firm under perfect competition Monopoly: Features Sources of monopoly Short run of a firm under monopoly Long run equilibrium of a firm under monopoly Monopolistic Competition &n....

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CONTENTS 1.0 Aims and Objectives 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Definition of Economics 1.3 Nature of Economics 1.4 Let Us Sum Up 1.5 Lesson End Activities 1.6 References Download BUSINESS ECONOMICS Complete ebook and Lecture notes for BBA/BCOM students  ....

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