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28-Jan-2016 | By Ravi Chopra | 0 Comment's

Download Management and Organization full pdf lecture notes and ebook for MBA

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28-Jan-2016 | By Ravi Chopra | 3 Comment's

Introduction to Management   Nature and Scope; Historical Evolution of Management Thought; Approaches and Systems of Management; Social Responsibilities of Management; Case Study- Regarding Scope of Creativity   Functions of Management  Planning: its Need, Principle, Types and Step....

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28-Jan-2016 | By Neeraj Yadav | 7 Comment's

Hi guys, here i uploaded Business Organization notes gor BBA and B-com, This notes covered following topics. dont forgot to read and share,   1 NATURE AND SCOPE OF BUSINESS 1 2 OBJECTIVES AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES OF BUSINESS 8 3 FORMS OF BUSINESS ORGANISATIONS 18 4 PARTN....

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