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15-Jan-2016 | By Ravi Chopra | 1 Comment's

UNIT I BASIC CONCEPTS AND ISENTROPIC FLOWS 6 Energy and momentum equations of compressible fluid flows – Stagnation states, Mach waves and Mach cone – Effect of Mach number on compressibility – Isentropic flow through variable ducts – Nozzle and Diffusers – Use of Ga....

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15-Jan-2016 | By Rajan Sharma | 0 Comment's

1. COMPRESSIBLE FLOW – FUNDAMENTALS 8 Energy and momentum equations for compressible fluid flows, various regions of flows, reference velocities, stagnation state, velocity of sound, critical states, Mach number, critical Mach number, types of waves, Mach cone, Mach angle, effect of M....

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